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Build Your Own Brand - Part Two

                                           Build Your Own Brand - Part Two

So many owners choose to start their business as a dealer of one famous brand. That has both advantaged and disadvantages.

If you are an dealer of a well-known brand, the value of the brand will never belong to you. Your company is only a user, not a owner. When you spend money to promote products, you are also promoting the brand. It is easier for people to remember the brand rather than a company that sells products. Because there are other companies or store also sell this brand products. People can choose to buy at your company or choose to buy at another company.

Although build your own brand has various difficulties at the beginning, the gains after the difficulties are indeed unmeasurable. The value of the brand will always belong to you. No matter how much money and time you spend on promotion, you are promotion your company, your productswhich will not be snatched by others.


The purpose of advertising is to let more people know about you and buy products from you. For an agent, after the products are sold, people will always see the brand name  attached to the product manufacturer, and will not see your company's name and contact information.

You not sure whether they can find your company when they buy again.


If have your own brand, you can put logo and contact information on the products. They can find you at any time according to your information.


If you want to grow your company and make your company more famous, it is an inevitable choice to build your own brand. We can be your manufacturer. 

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